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Athlete Testimonials

Olshove Testimonial 547x399

Kyan Olshove

Mountain Bike

"As an athlete coming from a place with no connections to higher levels of competition, the Olympic Development Academy gave me the amazing opportunity to take my riding to the next level. They gave us access to everything we needed to pursue our careers as professional athletes, as well as getting a true feel of what the lifestyle of being on a pro team is like. We trained hard and learned a lot but there was no shortage of fun along the way. By the end, we were not just a team, we were a family. I ended my season feeling knowledgeable and confident in my next steps to achieving my dreams and with a new love for the sport and community behind it."

Josette Renee Andre

Mountain Bike

"Being in the ODA this last year was breathless; mentally and physically. I never knew all the commitment it took do these races at the UCI level. You're on a constant workout schedule and you are doing races that test your physical and mental game. Although being in this academy can be tough at times, everyone I have met along the way has been nothing short of family. Over this last year, I have looked forward to racing around the USA, riding, eating, learning new skills, and cheering for this family that also cheers for me. If you have the chance to join this program, even if you think you're not ready or you think that you won't learn anything new, trust me you will. I learned so many new things this last year, and although I was nervous going into this level of biking, I had the best time that I've ever had on my bike when I was with my ODA friends and family."

Andre Testimonial 547x399
Olander Testimonial 547x399

Jake Olander


"The ODA program has been an amazing experience for me as an athlete and as a person thus far. The program has allowed me to learn from and form lasting friendships with other athletes who are passionate about the sport. One part of the ODA that I have greatly enjoyed is the people I am around. Our team of athletes is an extremely fun, dedicated, and professional group of people. I am also thrilled about the support that the staff and the program have provided me. I have had access to top level coaching, training, and mechanical support. The ODA has allowed me to grow as an athlete and as a person by teaching me essential life skills. In my time with the ODA program, I have been able to improve my timeliness and time management skills. Through the program I have also learned many essential things to improve my performance such as confidence in my abilities, new skills, and refining my existing skills. As an athlete the ODA has provided me the resources to focus solely on my performance when race day comes. I truly appreciate the opportunities and support the ODA has provided me and I do not take it for granted. I would absolutely recommend the ODA for athletes who are looking to receive extra support and take the next leap in their cycling career."

Ariana Milelli

Mountain Bike

"My experience being on the ODA has been such a positive experience. I have grown so much as a person on and off the bike. Throughout my time on the team, I was given the right resources and knowledge on what it takes to be a professional bike racer. Being surrounded by people who also want to achieve the same helped us grow and learn from each other. This team turned into one big family while we all supported and pushed each other to strive for better. It wasn’t just my teammates who impacted my life; it was also the coaches, mechanics, and other riders who helped us out. This program is for anyone looking for a chance or a pathway to learning more about pursuing being a professional bike racer! What makes the ODA stand out is the chance it gives athletes to be at the top level and experience racing with the best."

Milelli ODA Testimonial 547x399
Cashes Testimonial 547x399

Victor Cashes

Mountain Bike

"I learned what it took to race on a national level, met like-minded people who became more than just teammates and cultivated relationships that pointed me in the direction for my future as a cyclist. Racing in different states and having the resources to support you is a special experience for developing athletes. An absolute blessing of a program and I'm so thankful to everyone who was apart of it."

Samantha Scott


"The past cyclocross season has been with the most supportive team I have been a part of. My favorite part of this program is the team environment. Some of my teammates I have met have ended up being my best friends. The support the ODA offers is phenomenal! The amazing mechanics always have everything race ready. I've learned so much from Jesse and Matt about the importance of pre-riding courses and how to analyze lines. I would recommend this program to any athlete who loves the sport but doesn't know how to get to the next step of racing."

Scott ODA Testimonial 547x399
Demuth Testimonial 547x399

Noah DeMuth

Mountain Bike

"I loved the ODA program. The team atmosphere is amazing, everyone helps each other out any way they can. I improved a ton. I can feel it, even through just a few months, my fitness has probably doubled since the beginning of the season. The training regimens are perfectly suited for each rider, targeting what they need to improve and work on. I would recommend this to basically anyone who wants to improve and take the next step."

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Kristen Armstrong

"The Olympic Development Academy is going to be a game changer for our next generation. I was fortunate enough to enter the sport under the USAC National Team umbrella, T-Mobile, and head to Europe about as green as they come— my first few years in Europe were critical to setting the stage and foundation to becoming a 4x Olympian and eventually becoming a 3x Olympic Gold Medalist. In order to be a champion you must take risk, dive in, and get after it. The opportunity to have such guidance and a safe environment to kick off your career is an opportunity of a lifetime. If you have dreams and goals of becoming an Olympian, never say never— make it happen!”

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