Pre-Congress Course 1 – Reproductive Surgery

Chairperson : Dr Herbert Situmorang (Indonesia)
Co-Chairpersons : Dr Regina Tan (Philippines), Professor Tin-Chiu Li (Hong Kong)

Pre-Congress Course 2 – Culture Gametes and Embryos in Vitro

Chairperson : Dr Chi Ling (Hong Kong)
Co-Chairpersons : Dr Haroon Latif (Pakistan), Dr Ho Manh Tuong (Vietnam), Dr Arthur Chang

Pre-Congress Course 3 – Developing and Optimising a Network of Expertise in Endometriosis

Chairperson : Prof Neil Johnson (New Zealand)
Co-Chairpersons : Prof Yutaka Osuga (Japan), Prof Tzeng Chii-Ruey (Taiwan)

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Pre-Congress Course 4 – Endometrium & Implantation

Chairperson : Assoc Prof Louise Hull (Australia)
Co-Chairpersons : Prof Nares Sukcharoen (Thailand), Dr Rong Li (China)

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Pre-Congress Course 5 – Reproductive Endocrinology

Chairperson : Dr Duru Shah (India)
Co-Chairpersons : Dr Clare Boothroyd (Australia)

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